National Fundraising Services | Washington DC
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Our Services

We develop and implement comprehensive finance plans that are tailored to each client. Our team provides DC, national, and in-district strategies to meet all fundraising needs. Our services include:

DC and PAC Fundraising

Our team provides clients with targeted prospects to increase donor outreach and list size. We explore both PAC and individual donor prospects, providing a comprehensive look at where clients can expand their donor base.

National Fundraising

Our team plans and executes fundraising trips, creating connections and building events nationwide while expertly handling every logistical detail.

Call Time Management

We oversee all aspects of a client’s call time program. Our clients are specifically matched with a member of our team, who provides all calls and manages call time sessions.

Staff Hiring and Training

We recruit, hire, train, and manage campaign finance teams. We also provide campaign finance audits to assess what is working for your team and help identify areas of improvement.

Event Planning

We have extensive experience planning events ranging from 10 to 1,000+ guests. We manage every aspect from drafting invitations, finding venues, building host committees, driving attendance, and running day-of logistics. We approach event planning with the creativity and foresight necessary to work within a budget and fit the needs of each client.

Social Media

We manage our clients’ social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Our team works with political staff to develop a social media strategy, write copy, and post content that resonates with their audiences.

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